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TOP 5 Interior Design Styles - Easy to understand Infographics

If asked, can you categorize your home style? Can you put into words with certainty which influence your current style is? Here's the top 5 interior design style cheat sheet in infographic format.


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CONTEMPORARY DESIGNS - unlike its counterparts, is not a definitive design style. Rather, the terms is used contextually to mean the trends of specific time. As a stand-alone, it refers to the design trends of the moment; thus with the upsurge in popularity of modern design, the two terms are often confused.

TOPRO Designs | Home Decor

TRADITIONAL DESIGN - Personally calls this a design with floral pattern. But don't take my word for it.

TOPRO Design | Home Decor

INDUSTRIAL / URBAN - My personal preference. But with leanings towards contemporary. But why not make rooms with different influences or styles.

TOPRO Designs | Home Decor

CLASSIC - I would love to have a room with classic design too. I can usually relate it to dark woods, carvings and symmetry.

TOPRO Designs | Home Decor

But most importantly, There are no hard-and-fast rules when decorating your home! Feel free to mix and match design styles to create a look that is ec.lec.tic [ih-klek-tik] - derived from your multiple styles/sources and reflects your personal style.


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